• 产品名称: VLOCK Al-Mg-Mn roof

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VLOCK Al-Mg-Mn roof system, an advanced roof system in the world at present, can meet the requirements of all kinds of challenging

architectural design plan with its high fl exibility and abundant structural styles.

VLOCK Al-Mg-Mn roof system characteristic

● Advanced standing seam connection mode, no screw drilled and 65mm rib height ,ensure excellent watertight performance and rainsnow

leakage prevention ability.

● Advanced hidden standing seam design provides outstanding wind-resistant performance.

● Curving panel, taper panel and various panel widths for choosing can satisfy all kinds of challenging design plan.

● On-site roll forming is provided according to the project demand to avoid lapped ends of panel.

● Al-Mg-Mn panel, Zinclume coated steel panel, stainless steel panel, copper panel and other metal materials to choose from.

● Unique T-type clip design can be effectively adapted to the deformation caused by all kinds of long span roof thermal expansion.

● Abundant roof supporting system, including snow guard system, fall arrest system, decorating panel system and so on.

The standard buildup of VLOCK roof system

VLOCK roof system can be widely applicable to the projects of public and top class industrial buildings. According to the demand of

designers and clients, deepening design can be conducted to the thermal insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction and ventilation of

VLOCK roof system, so that the roof construction can possess different applicability.



            DUOWEI VLOCK Al-Mg-Mn roof patterns:

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Roll - arc corrugated sheet, the minimum bending radius is 300mm

It is commonly used as a cross shop wall system

It also used for roofing systems with complex surfaces

The supporting nodes, complete accessories, no leakage