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Duowei establishes comprehensive projecting system centering on project management.

There are over 300 existing installation management technicians, over 80 project managers, over 40 installation backbone teams and over 600 construction machines such as tower cranes.

It has constructed thousands of steel structure projects, with million tons of steel structure installation, mastering advanced international steel structure hoisting technology and creating a monthly steel structure hoisting record of 8,000T.

In such projects as Medical Turnover Building of the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, China's New Generation Launch Vehicle Industrial Base and Aerospace Coal Gasification Equipment Industrial Base, the company has adopted low temperature welding technology, heavy steel structure lattice column air docking and welding technology and other high difficult technologies. With its first-class construction quality and speed, it has won universal praise and accumulated a wealth of practical experience in steel structure installation of monolayer, multilayer and high-rise.

Duowei has the first-level qualification for professional steel structure contracting issued by the Ministry of Construction. It implements project managers system in project installation and on-site construction and is responsible for the overall management of processes from the basic reinspection to the completion acceptance.

In a great deal of project practices, it has carried out a series of creative researches and developments, formed scientific and systematic installation quality control systems, including high strength bolt, measurement, welding, concrete pouring in steel tube column, self-bearing steel bar truss deck, stud quality control and fire prevention spraying.