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Design and R&D

Use the limited life to create the unlimited space

A team with nearly 300 people designing architectures, steel structures and steel structures containment system led by National Registered Construction Engineers and National Registered Architects.

·One Grade A special steel structure design institute, one Grade A construction industry(architecture project) design Institute and one special-level metal house wall design institute.

·The Technology R&D Center is acknowledged as Beijing Enterprise Technology Center by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and as Beijing Design Innovation Center by Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission.

·Having 30 national standards, industry standards, codes and specification as chief editor or senate editor, and achieved over 60 state-authorized technical patents.

·Having established strategic cooperative partnership with such domestic universities as Xi'an University of Architecture.




The company owns modern design techniques and tools and implements network management in the whole process from design to printout by China Academy of Building Research, which includes common software of Auto-CAD etc. as well as other professional design software:

1.3D3S (3 Dimension Steel Structure System developed by Tongji University);

2. PKPM series network editions including STS, TAT and SATWE developed by China Institute of Building Engineering;


4. X-STEEl.


Test on the joint point of beams and columns


Test on new box-shaped curved beams and conversion joint points