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1.Cutting equipment


Semi-auto cutting machine


Intersection line cutting machine


End-milling equipment



2. H steel production Line


H steel production Line


H steel welding equipment


Cross shape steel welding equipment


H steel straightening machine



3. Box structure production Line



Box structure assembly equipment


Electroslag welding equipment of the Box structure



Inside separator welding of the Box structure


Double-wire submerged arc welding



4. 3D NC production Line



3D NC drilling machine


Plane NC drilling machine



NC bandsaw machine



NC locking equipment



5.Shot blasting and rust


Shot blasting and rust removing production Line


Shot blasting and rust removing production Line



6.New Model Building Panel Production Line


PU Sandwich Panel Production Line


90 Rotation


Cross butting


Double crawler machine


Automatic Packaging




PU Sandwich Panel Production Line: By employing the OMS multi-functional six-component high-pressure foaming continuous polyurethane panel line from Italy, Duowei puts in use the most advanced automatic dispensing and mixed foaming technology, which properly processes both soft and hard surfaces of the products with flexible operations.



Production line of new-type rock-wool: Duowei Union Group has introduced the glass-wool/rock-wool composite panel production line from PUMA Co., Ltd, Italy, together with its complete process and quality control system. Duowei is currently the producer of the trend-setting new energy-efficient and fireproof panel products in the field of glass-wool/rock-wool composite panels in China.


7.Quality Control

DuoWei Steel Structure has formed a quality control system with experts from steel structure, new building planes and equipment manufacture industry as its technical support, and the Chief Engineer Office, the Technology Department and the Quality Inspection Department into its quality monitoring units, which have accomplished the whole process of quality management covering review of raw material, welded joint detection, component size control and finished product protection.


CO2 gas-shield vertical welding site


CO2 gas-shield vertical welding specimen


Dual-separator electroslag welding


Weld joint non-destructive test (UT)


3D pre-assembly of construction components



Manufacturing base

Xianghe Steel Structure Factory

Fangshan New Model Building Panel Factory, Beijing

Harbin Steel Structure and Building Panel Factory

Xinjiang Steel Structure and Building Panel Factory

Baotou Steel Structure and Building Panel Factory

Beijing Tongzhou Base

Beijing Tongzhou Factory is the high-quality panel flagship plant of DUOWEI in North China region, located in Tongzhou District, Beijing.

Beijing Tongzhou Factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters with the total construction area of 40,000 square meters.

Beijing Tongzhou Factory can produce 3 million square meters of new model energy-saving building panels annually by the production line of Italy PUMA and industry-leading Al-Mg-Mn alloy roof system production line.

Shenyang Factory

Shenyang Factory is a flagship plant of DUOWEI in Northeast China, aiming to build a high-quality panel production base in Northeast China. It is located in Hushitai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenbei New District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

Shenyang Factory covers an area of 90,000 square meters with the total construction area of 40,000 square meters.

Shenyang Factory can produce 1 million square meters of polyurethane energy-saving sandwich panels and new model fireproof Rockwool/Glasswool sandwich panels annually by the introduction of world-class polyurethane energy-saving sandwich panel production line of KRAUSS-MAFFE in Germany.