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With the concept of "quality management, service dedication", Duowei has accomplished the construction and the installation of steel structure workshops both at home and abroad, and we have received highly appreciation from the professional experts and the customers on such aspects in terms of product quality and construction speed, construction security etc.

Construction process of color steel profiled plate cladding structure:



1. Installation of primary steel structure



2. Installation of secondary steel structure



3. Installation of roof and wall purlins



4. Installation of roof panel, wall panel and thermal insulation material



5. Installation of natural lighting and ventilating and other systems



6 Edge installation and adjustment of  ashing



7. Installation of doors and windows




Cautions for transportation of panel



During transportation, always make the sandwich panels fixed firmly. Before unloading, make sure the ground for stacking flat and be covered by cushions evenly. Make the backside of the bottom panel in contact with the cushions.

Handle the panels gently. Never use rigid tools to knock against, smash or hew the surfaces and rigid foam of the polyurethane composite plates, otherwise the surface may peel off, get scratched or collided.

Cautions for plate stacking



The plates should be stacked in dry, cool and well ventilated places. If stored outdoors, some measures should be taken against rain and snow.

The stacking yard should be solid and flat. The stacking height of plates in bulk should be not higher than 1.5m.

Put some battens or foam boards (spacing:≤1.5m) at the bottom of stacks. Keep the stored plates from chemical materials and drugs.

Cautions for panel installation



During installation it is necessary to provide some special matching edge sealing and angle wrapping molding materials supplied by Duowei for overlapping internal and external angles of roof plates and wall plates.

After installation, promptly remove the dirt, scrap iron, screws and other foreign matters on the plates and tear off the film on them.